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| Personal Leadership Series

The courses within this series equips participants with appropriate skills for leading one's self. Ideal for first-time leaders but open to anyone desiring a leadership role, all skills and competencies in this series support the participant's development prior to operating in a leadership capacity.

Introduction to Personal Leadership

Discover the foundational principles of effective leadership prior to officially taking on a leadership role.

Contemporary & Global Leadership Challenges

Explore a broad and transparent range of leadership best practices and unfortunate events that have attributed to universal success and criticism.

The Impact of Personal Branding

Demonstrate the significance of maintaining a solid reputation and integrity as a new and progressing leader.

The Anatomy of a Leader

Dissect the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for well-balanced leadership.

How Leaders Achieve Results

Employ a scalable strategy that lead to desired results with each use.

Think Like a Leader: The Transition from "Me" to "We"

Transition from an individual contributor mindset to that of a leader with responsibility, authority, and accountability for leading people, projects, and processes.

Embrace Your UVP

Hone in on the unique skills, competencies, natural talents, and gifts that set you apart from others while adding value to your personal and professional brand.

The Beauty of Failing Fast

Learn techniques that help ease the frustration and anxiety associated with missed opportunities while leveraging those experiences for personal and professional development.

Critical Thinking for Leaders

Learn how to filter or remove filters to understand and analyze information, solve problems, and provide solutions to challenges.

SWOTs, TOWS, and Professional Development

Use formal assessment results and personal reflection to maximize individual and team development opportunities.

What's Your Carrot? Valuing Personal Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators

Discover personal motivators that attribute to peak performance.

Prioritizing for Success

Create a system that helps keep the focus on the most essentials tasks of a leader.

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