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| Leadership Development

Ensuring a pipeline exists to lead people and address current and future challenges is a growing need within many corporate organizations, educational institutions, and community-based agencies. In response to this need, I've created a leadership model that requires an intentional focus on the life-cycle of a leader. Each phase of the model presents an opportunity for leaders to enhance their core leadership skills while addressing contemporary leadership challenges.

If you're looking to transform a cohort of existing and emerging managers into high-performing and high-potential leaders who could excel in your most critical roles, take advantage of my exclusive Leadership Development Program, LEAD M3. Now, more than ever, companies need leaders who are proportionately positioned throughout the organization to take on the mission, embrace the moment and pass on the mantle affiliated with leading people and guiding organizational change. This program is perfect for organizations and individuals seeking to advance, upskill, and reskill leadership ability.

Experience the Various Dimensions of LEAD M3

LEAD M3 Corporate Development Academy

An engaging, flipped classroom practicum for companies looking to accelerate leadership development for high performing teams. 

LEAD M3 Practical Applications Guide

An in-depth guide to building and measuring leadership development programs that support the life cycle of leadership tenure. 

LEAD M3 Symposium Tour

A one-day, immersive workshop for current and aspiring leaders looking to enhance their existing leadership skills.

LEAD M3 Digital Learning Series

A digital library of micro-learning leadership courses for existing and emerging leaders looking to grow at their own pace.

LEAD M3 T3 Certification

A four-day certification workshops for trainers and coaches who wish to license and teach all or a portion of the LEAD M3 curriculum. 

LEAD M3 365 Planner

A 365-day planner with tips, exercises, case study observations, and quizzes for daily, practical leadership development.

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