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"Dr. Walker has an important approach to organizational leadership that should be revered and duplicated. Her teachings enabled me to restructure my supervisory methods and create a more concise approach to program management. I fully applaud her efforts and value the time she took to educate my team and I."

- Donta Morrison, Ph.D, Program Manager | APLA Health & Wellness

"As a professional transitioning my expertise from mortgage lending to human services, marketing my skills with a new resume was a little overwhelming. Kristal was able to guide me through the entire process. Her ability to align my career with my strong points in a very concise and visually appealing way was amazing. Not only did she capture the true essence of my professional attributes and experience, but Kristal also delivered my final documents in several formats, to mate with various applicant tracking systems. I plan to work with Kristal again in the future to take advantage of her leadership development courses. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of personal and professional development."

- Wendy Melchor, CEO & Founder | Choice Liberation Mentoring Supportive Living Services

"Dr. Walker joined Guitar Center at a time when there was practically no leadership development training in place. She quickly engaged with her superiors and established a training program that encouraged people to invest in their development. The classes were engaging and filled with lots of informative concepts and tools to facilitate professional growth. Her positive attitude and personal approach to development and leadership are a tremendous asset to any organization in search of someone to aid in the growth of their people."

- Alrick Bills, Guitar Center Peer

"As a new Entrepreneur it's been a great challenge for me personally and professionally to get my business off the ground. It's taken me 10 years to be exact and that's because the playing field has transformed overnight taking a whole new approach. If I hadn't been introduced to Dr. Kristal Walker, I would have given up on my dream job. I've taken many training sessions, had mentors and coaches; yet still was unable to access my full potential...that is until I started working with Dr. Walker. The training style she provides is by far the most innovative that I've ever experienced. It's contagious! Kristal causes you to think outside the box so that you can experience the bigger picture. As a result of our time together, I now have the foundation and confidence I need to launch my nonprofit. Kristal stretched me and helped to fortify the talents I already possessed but wasn't utilizing. She's ahead of the personal and professional development game by leaps and bounds. Kristal is a world changer and a force to be reckoned with."

- Adriane McIntyre, Founder | Breakthrough Parenting

"Kristal's training really helped our team achieve a new level of understanding by examining our own life experiences, highlighting the need for empathy and providing the knowledge needed to continue the conversation. We hope that our DEI team is now better equipped to be pioneers of change and enhance our company's culture."

- Carolyn McManus, Head of People | The Financial Gym

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