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"Kristal is dedicated, professional, and always willing to go out of her way to provide excellent support for her students." 

- Nadira Charaniya, Ed.D., Educator & Administrator

| Bio

I have worked in the learning and organizational development space for over 15 years helping clients engage people, apply processes, and implement technology to improve human and organizational performance. My expertise includes developing strategy and executable tactics in the areas of leadership development, talent development, succession planning, diversity & inclusion, performance management, and employee engagement.


A teacher by trade and a thought leader by temperament, I bring great value to the partnerships and relationships I've built over the course of my career. I launched the Kristal Walker Brand (formally 3C's Training Group) alongside my full-time career to design and develop soft skills and compliance training for small and medium-size companies. For my name sake, my goal is to be known as a Knowledgeable Resources in Strategic Training and Leadership. 

My andragogical approach to learning and development is to use a mixture of reading, writing, role-playing, and discussion to explore issues and relate them to the lives of my learners and myself. A basic premise for any course that I teach is that both my learners and I bring to the learning environment a wealth of knowledge from our personal and professional experiences. Those experiences coupled with empathy, transparency, and accountability to transform skills into performance is typically the ground upon which my courses yield the highest return on investment for everyone involved.

I earned an undergraduate degree in human services, a graduate degree in management and organizational leadership, and a doctorate of management degree in organizational leadership. I'm a Certified Professional in Training Management™ and pride myself on developing the next generation of leaders using sound evidence-based curricula. I'm also certified in analyzing Caliper Essentials and PDP Assessment data, which allows me to provide expert coaching and strategy in building talent from selection through succession. When it's all said and done, I get to be the wife to my loving and supportive husband, and the mother to my amazing children.

| Core Vales


I uphold moral principals.


I own my work and my client relationships.


I value intellect and creativity.


I focus on quality.


I deliver on promise.

| Expertise

As a Caliper Essentials Certified professional, I'm considered the "go-to" resource who best understands the Caliper process and is able to effectively answer questions about Caliper Profiles across any organization. I understand how to leverage Caliper Profile assessment insights to make intelligent talent decisions cross recruitment, onboarding, training, succession planning, leadership development, team building, and many other talent management initiatives.

As a Certified PDP Professional, I've immersed myself in mastering the understanding of people dynamics and PDP's people management system. I focus on helping clients enhance their personal and professional communication by understanding their natural traits and how to leverage them when communicating and engaging with others. I also help clients explore a variety of ways to use PDP assessment data to enhance the employee life-cycle processes and systems within their organizations. 

As a Certified Professional in Training Management, I've undergone extensive training to learn the core responsibilities required to manage a high-performing training organization. I am certified in the principles needed to align learning and development with business goals and have demonstrated mastery of the most critical competencies defined in Training Industry's Training Manager Competency Model™.

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