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| Practical Leadership Series

The courses within this series equips participants with appropriate skills for leading others. Ideal for mid-level leaders but open to anyone desiring to lead people, projects, and processes, all skills and competencies in this series support the participant's development in an active leadership capacity.

The Introduction to Practical Leadership

Discover the foundational principles associated with leading people, projects, and processes.

The Talent Management Dilemma

Optimize the employee life-cycle to increase retention and engagement.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Increase retention with a solid recruitment strategy.

The Collective Responsibility of Onboarding

Increase collaboration among recruitment stakeholders that results in retention and successful transition into a new role.

Building High Performance Squads

Build the qualities and characteristics of a successful traditional and remote team.

Establishing Non-Negotiables

Create a true culture of accountability by communicating expectations, benefits, and consequences.

The Business Case for Diversity

Create a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-skilled workforce that contributes highly to innovative business operations.

The Power of Inclusion...Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We Together?

Explore how relationship-building with professionals from various backgrounds leads to conscious inclusion and a collaborative work culture.

Harassment...Not Guilty!

Achieve complete compliance of state and federal regulations that govern harassment and discrimination prevention in the workplace.


Creative Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution

Challenge teams to work through difficult situations and differences of opinions.

Coaching Made Simple

Apply effective coaching methods to reinforce best practices or redirect undesired behavior. 

Delegating with Confidence

Increase productivity and appropriate use of team skill execution.

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