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| Positional Leadership Series

The courses within this series equips participants with appropriate skills for leading strategic initiatives across teams, business functions, and/or industries. Ideal for senior leaders but open to anyone desiring to create and execute strategy, vision, and larger business goals, all skills and competencies in this series support the participant's development in a senior role with an ultimate goal to think strategically about succession planning.

Introduction to Positional Leadership

Discover the foundational principles required to lead large scale business initiatives and to create new leaders for future leadership roles.

Creating & Communicating Vision

Craft a clear vision that fuels business strategy.

Aligning Vision to Business Strategy

Strategically align vision with people and performance operations.

Establishing a Culture of Trust & Transparency

Create a workplace culture where employees feel psychologically safe to contribute.

Managing Change and Change Fatigue

Create an intentional change management agenda for new business initiatives.

Greenlight Customer Service

Align information with authority so that everyone in the organization—regardless of role—feels confident completing everyday business transactions.

Succession Planning 101

Establish protocol for upward and lateral mobility within the business.

The Big Picture: Understanding the Global Workforce

Gain a sense of the existing generations in the workplace and how best to support their career planning and development.

Aligning Talent to Achieve Business Results

Intentionally and strategically prepare internal talent for the most critical roles within the business.

Leading Employee Engagement Initiatives

Learn techniques to model and champion employee retention and engagement initiatives.

Leading Through Crisis

Establish a collective and strategic response to unexpected or risk-related business activity.

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