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Being intentional about your professional development is ideally the best posture you can take for any kind of advancement opportunity. But what happens when your personal thoughts, attitude, and habits sabotage those opportunities? This session dives deep into identifying and confronting those behaviors that hinder one's progress from becoming the very best version of themselves.

Key Take-Aways

This 12-week mastermind class will enable you to:

  • Align yourself with others who have a "winning" mindset to accomplish the same goal
  • Identify what makes you T.I.C.K.
  • Understand how your brain perceives opportunities for growth
  • Articulate how judgment of yourself, your relationships, and your circumstances can work for or against your desired progress
  • Adopt a 5-step framework to tackle your greatest challenges with calm, clarity, creativity, and laser-focused action

Masterclass Agenda

Week 1 (July 17)

  • Faculty/Participant Introduction - Getting to Know You
  • 12-Week Agenda
  • The Reality of Borrowed Time
  • Refocusing on “You”

Week 2 (July 24)

  • Overview of the PDP Survey
  • The Role of Motivation in Personal Fulfillment
  • Backup Styles

Week 3 (July 31)

  • Overview of Saboteur Survey
  • Exploring the Judge Saboteur
  • Exploring the Avoider Saboteur

Week 4 (August 7)

  • Exploring the Controller Saboteur
  • Exploring the Hyper-Achiever Saboteur
  • Exploring the Hyper-Rational Saboteur

Week 5 (August 14)

  • Exploring the Hyper-Vigilant Saboteur
  • Exploring the Pleaser Saboteur
  • Exploring the Restless Saboteur

Week 6 (August 21)

  • Exploring the Stickler Saboteur
  • Exploring the Victim Saboteur
  • Judgement vs Discernment

Week 7 (August 28)

  • The Great Transition - The Power Positive Thinking
  • Introducing the SAGE Perspective


Week 8 (September 11)

  • The Power of Empathy
  • Building Your Balance - Action Planning with Empathy

Week 9 (September 18)

  • The Power of Exploration
  • Building Your Balance - Action Planning with Exploration

Week 10 (September 25)

  • The Power of Innovation
  • Building Your Balance - Action Planning with Innovation

Week 11 (October 2)

  • The Power of Navigation
  • Building Your Balance - Action Planning with Navigation

Week 12 (October 9)

  • The Power of Activation
  • Building Your Balance - Action Planning with Activation 


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to better prepare for change. Almost every business has shifted their product and service offerings to online delivery. It’s only a matter of time before your audience will prefer to access your products and services online as well.  For a limited time, I want to show you exactly how to convert your keynote, book, or expertise into a profitable online course.  I have two options available: one for those who are merely thinking about launching an online course, and one for those who are fully committed to moving forward. 

Mini-Course Agenda

  • The hard truth about the online learning landscape and why you MUST jump onboard
  • The type of courses that are sure to generate recurring revenue
  • The 4 key ingredients to ensure your content is optimized for your target audience


Access this course for $97

Masterclass Agenda

Module 1: Begin

  • Identify your 6Ps
  • Create your course framework
  • Establish your launch timeline

Module 2: Build

  • Create your in/out course content
  • Brand & personalize your content
  • Pick your hosting, payment, and CRM platforms

Module 3: Brand

  • Identify sales funnels for your target audience
  • Create your email nurturing series using the ARCH formula
  • Package and price your content

Module 4: Boost

  • Automate your adventure
  • Post-transaction customer service
  • Build your ecosystem 


Access this course for $2,050

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