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Sample Work from Dr. Kristal Walker

Change Management: 

The New Core Competency of Effective Leadership

[Introduction Only]

The ability to manage change is a necessary discipline for both existing and emerging leaders. The secret to effective change management is partnering with stakeholders during the appropriate stages of change. This session walks participants through a step-by-step process for initiating and implementing change within small teams and large organizations.

| Talent Management 

An organization looking to remain competitive in today’s market must permit and support the continued development of its workforce. Because the need to align business strategy with people development strategy has become more apparent to senior leaders and HR professionals, more organizations are opting to support the life-cycle of employee development.

Whether you’re looking to create strategy around intentional onboarding to sustain your employee engagement or establish lateral and upward mobility from recruitment to succession, I’ve got you covered. Let’s partner to capitalize on the various stages of employee development to ensure your teams are best prepared to support your current and prospective business endeavors.

Adopting a "Coach Approach" to 

Build High Performance Teams

[Introduction Only]

Similar to any sports team, coaching for maximum performance on the job is a necessity to the business team who wants to achieve positive results. This session teaches a unique approach to structure feedback conversations for redirecting behavior and reinforcing best practices among teams.

Presentation Decks

•Virtual Training Industry Conference & Expo (vTICE) – National Presentation | Walker, K. L. (2019, September). Use What’s In Your Hand: Establishing and L&D Plan with Lean Funding and Human Resources. Raleigh, NC

•Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) – National Presentation | Walker, K. L. (2019, June). Internal Bench Strength: Who’s Up Next at Bat? Raleigh, NC

•Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) – National Presentation | Walker, K. L. (2018, June). HiPo Hiccups: Implementing Multi-Level Leadership Development Initiatives. Raleigh, NC

•Association of Training & Development (ATD) – Southern California Regional Presentation | Walker, K. L. (2017, November). A Case Study for Implementing Multi-Level Leadership Development Initiatives. Los Angeles, CA

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